About Us

Hello... We are sister duo Amy Baker & Kirsty Buckland. We founded Baker & Buckland in July 2019 after taking a sewing class and finding a love for sewing which we hadn't explored since our school days.

When brainstorming our business idea we sort advice from our Nanny Jean who has years and years of experience sewing, she even used to sew for royalty! Her words of wisdom were 'girls, don't do it, its a lot of hard work for no money!' ...haha! thanks Nan... she has never been one to mince her words! Not to be put off, and with the idea that sewing must be in our blood, we knew we could create a brand that would empower women to feel bold, and brave and confident.

July 2019 - June 2020

Our journey began using African Wax. Our sewing tutor introduced us to this fabric and we fell in love with the bold, bright colours and unique designs, the way the fabric kept its shape and the silhouettes it created. We began making children's dungarees and then created a customisable pattern for women's skirts which soon became our most popular item. Beginning our journey making clothes using African Wax gave us the confidence to explore colour combinations and patterns and led us onto this next chapter.

June 2020 - Now

When we founded Baker & Buckland we knew that eventually we wanted to create our own designs which would stop people in their tracks and make them smile. So we set out on a hunt to find a designer which could help us put our crazy pattern ideas to paper... queue Stacie (@Stacierichards_) With the help of Stacie and her insane artistic talents we have been able to create some amazing designs which have been floating about in our heads for a while now. We are super excited for this next chapter and cannot wait to hear what you guys think of our new designs... we aim to put a smile on your face and create clothes which make you feel bold, brave and more like you... fingers crossed we can do just that... x